E & B Machine Co. specializes in short to medium run precision sheet metal fabrication, stampings and assemblies. We manufacture cabinets, connecting rings, enclosures, guards, machine bases and various other products for a variety of industries. E & B Machine Co. manufactures sheet metal parts, complete units and assemblies, using CNC turret punch presses, CNC press brakes, spot-welding, and MIG/TIG welding. We provide the advantage of quality, on-time, cost effective custom sheet metal fabrication from start to finish while maintaining sincere customer service! Anodizing, plating, and powder coating are also available.

Cabinet078eOur Commitment to Quality

We guarantee that the components we make for you will meet your specifications exactly. Our continuous quality assurance program has been the key to providing top-notch service to our customers for more than 50 years. We perform a first piece inspection at every phase of production to be sure the part matches the specifications. Then we perform a final inspection to be sure your order is exactly right before we ship it to you.

Punching and Bending

Does your part call for holes, shapes, embosses, countersinks, radiuses, and louvers from sheets of steel or aluminum? Our CNC turret presses are highly accurate, fast, and can be re-programmed whenever a part is revised. This allows us to produce small or large quantities efficiently usually without any tooling costs. Tooling for special shapes and sizes can be ordered in less than a week to meet various drawing specifications. Our CNC press brakes precisely and consistently bend the parts to meet the shape and dimensions shown on your drawings. We house a large range of bending dies in order to bend various metal thicknesses and shapes.


Many of our assemblies require components to be welded together to produce a complete unit. Our team of certified welders uses the correct equipment, technique, and supplies to produce consistent, accurate weldments.


Hardware installation is an important component of the metal fabrication services we provide. Many designs call for threaded nuts, studs, and stand-offs installed in place. A variety of other hardware items are also available. Hardware installation at E & B Machine Co. provides a more complete unit and strengthens our commitment to provide a wide range of complete products.


We often take care of anodizing, plating, sandblasting, or powder coating so we can send you completely finished parts. Subassembly or final assembly of entire units is also available.

Request a Quotation!

We invite you to send us a request for quotation. You will receive a prompt response. Providing quotes promptly is a reflection of the service and quality we provide to all our customers. We gladly accept your prints and specifications electronically or by mail or fax, whichever is most convenient to you.